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What You Should Expect with Summit County Painter

We all know that Summit County is a beautiful place to live, work and and explore Breckenridge, Keystone Frisco and more. But owning or managing a home in this climate is very hard on homes, particularly house exteriors. With the intense sunlight, strong UV, low humidity and strong storms make it essential to care for the exterior of your home. Otherwise, you’re home’s exterior finishes and woodwork to degrade rapidly.

Summit County Exterior Home Painting

Is it Time to Paint or Stain? Here in Summit County, with our elevations and weather, exteriors should be painted or stained at least every 3-5 years.

Without proper maintenance exterior woodwork will show some or all of the following:

• Fading
• Water Staining
• Mildewing
• Cracks
• Dryness
• Bare Wood
• Peeling

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Each home is unique. Regardless if it’s new builds, remodeled homes, unique and historic buildings the products need to be applied for our Summit County environment. Be sure to find a company that can any exterior surface and has experience painting/staining wood, stucco, stone, concrete, and brick.

Some of the exterior painting services you can expect include:

• Help in choosing the best paint colors, combos and finishes
• Prepare all exterior surfaces (power wash,, sand, repair)
• Tape/mask
• Prime or caulk
• Trim and special features
• Spray, hand brush or roll paint/stain

Summit County Interior Painting

It’s important to find a contractor who knows your home is a valued possession; you only want people inside that you show the trust and respect. Be sure to find a company that will earn that trust. There are many great painters in Summit County, so be sure to find one that takes pride in working to effectively plan, paint, and put your rooms back together quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your home. A good painting company should shows skill and attention to detail and work as efficiently as possible so you are less inconvenienced, during the process.

Reputable painting companies can work on all types of projects from new construction to remodels, unique structures such as railings, cabinets and more. Most companies should be able to work on all types of interior surfaces. These include paint or stain on wood, metal, stone, concrete and brick. We work with all paint manufacturers to ensure that you get the right color and the best finish to truly showcase your home.

For Interior painting, most painters will safely remove all interior belongings and replace them when they are done.

The interior painting process includes:

• Assist in choosing the best paint colors and color combinations
• Clear room
• Prepare surfaces and/or sand
• Tape/mask
• Trim/prime or caulk
• Spray or brush
• Replace belongings
• Home Painting Services
• Interior walls & ceilings
• Interior trim, wainscoting, and doors
• Kitchen cabinets
• Bathroom cabinets
• Paint interior built-ins
• Interior stain wood work

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