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Tired of Dirty Hot Tub Water – Learn How to Get Rid of Cloudy and Milky Hot Tub Water

Cloudy, Milky & Foamy Hot Tub Water

At some point, hot tub owners will experience cloudy or milky hot tub water during the period that they own a hot tub. Although it’s unattractive, usually this isn’t something to worry about much, as these problems can be quickly overcome using certain steps and some basic hot tub chemicals. 

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What Causes Cloudy Hot Tub and Spa Water

What is cloudy hot tub water? It’s best described as the point where the water seems to have small particles floating around in it. These tiny particles are not large enough to touch and seem like they could just be air particles. Although there is not a single cause of cloudy water, it’s common to this as an ongoing problem in other types of water issues. Problems may be caused by suspended particles that don’t dissolve in water. They can come from dead algae, organic debris, poor filtration (dirty filters), heavy usage or poor water chemistry.

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What Causes Milky Hot Tub and Spa Water?

Milky hot tub water? Doesn’t sound attractive. Milky hot tub water is the point where the water essentially looks like milk, adding a light white tint to the water, while making it difficult to see the bottom of the hot tub. Just like cloudy hot tub water, there is no single cause of this issue. The problem could be caused by suspended insoluble particles, dead algae, organic debris, poor filtration (dirty filters), heavy usage or poor water chemistry.

Getting Rid of Cloudy Hot Tub Water

  • Regularly check your hot tub filter(s). This is your first place to check with any water quality problem – particularly when water clarity is an issue. When small particles are not being picked up by the filters, it will be extremely difficult to clear the water. Pull out your filters, rinse them thoroughly and or soak them overnight in a filter cleaner. This typically helps solve many clarity issues.
  • Regularly check the water balance levels. This is commonly the case for many issues with hot tubs. Remember water balance is essential. Always be sure to check that the PH is correct and adjust as needed.
  • Use a shock treatment to clean the spa and clear the water fast! With a clean filter, the shock will remove the particles and help solve the issue.
  • Try a clarifier – it clumps all the small particles together so that they can be filtered, this helps to force particles out of the water.
  • For a last resort, drain and refill the hot tub or spa. Sometimes this is the best way, especially for hot tub that get heavy usage.