Remodels and Renovations: Preparing to call your Home Remodeler

So you are ready to start your next remodel.

No matter if it’s a small or big job, there are some questions to ask yourself. It’s important to collect your thoughts on what your project will look like, the amount of your budget, and what is most important to when you call remodeling companies.

We’ve created a below that will help guide you through remodeling or renovation process and get your ready for the kinds of questions your potential remodelers may be asking you during the process. This a great a starting point and add any other topics you feel are important for your contractor to know about your project.


Make a list of your goals for your remodeler – what work do you want to have done?

If everything went exactly as planned, what would the outcome look like? What goals would your completed project achieve?  For example, “I want to convert my ½ bath into a full bath, allowing my growing family to have additional bathroom space without having to move.

How many contractors do you want to meet with?

Although you may think “as many as possible.” However, for every contractor you are considering you will need to call them, arrange times to visit your site, describe the remodel project, review estimates and more. If you don’t have tons of extra time, it may be worth your time to narrow the list ahead of time and choose several that seem like a good match for the renovation.

What type of contractor will you need for your project?

There are many types of contractors, but which is the best one for your project? Do you plan on doing some of the work yourself? If so, you may just need and electrician to help assist you with some of the more difficult aspects of remodels? In contrast, a full kitchen remodel may need the assistance of a 5-10 specific types of trades. With this, it’s best to contact full-service company that can build and manage the entire project.

Consider the timeline for the project: start dates and deadlines.

Some clients are looking to have their work done as soon as possible, while others are just in the early stages of planning. Many clients are also just as interested in completing a project based on a deadline. Be sure to talk to your contractor about the build.

Define an investment budget that makes sense for you and your family.

Knowing your budget is a powerful tool to help you decide whether a remodeling project makes sense for your home. Once you have that information, a good remodeler can help guide you to a reasonable decision. Say you’re willing to invest $ 25,000 in your home, or you’re going to move to find a home more suitable for your family. If your desired scope of work does not fit into your budget range, you can feel confident in your decision to sell and move your home instead.

Prioritize your renovation projects.

If you have multiple phases of a project or numerous projects in multiple areas of your home, listing them in order of their importance to you can be very helpful. It will also help you pick between each project and can help you plan the phases to best match your needs.

What is your plan will finance the project.

Some contractors may considering financing a job for you, but that is not how many companies operate. If you’re not lined up to at least some degree with the investment money, it probably doesn’t make sense to start the process of searching for your remodeler just yet.

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